Travel is still one of the main business expenses for companies and finding ways to reduce costs is often a challenge. But with the collaboration of your whole team – from the financial controller to the traveler – it’s possible to find solutions that optimize your budget without compromising your employees’ comfort and security.

In this last blog article, we show you how a clear procedure and some strategic decisions can quickly help your company increase its value-for-money on travel.

4 Suggestions to optimize corporate travel costs

How to save on corporate travel

1. Implement a corporate travel policy

A corporate travel policy and a centralized procedure for bookings allows companies to find unique opportunities to negotiate special deals with hotel chains and airlines. If your company already has a corporate travel policy, reevaluate it to make sure that the established budgets are adequate and that all extra costs (like Wi-Fi fees, parking, etc.) are covered.

2. Plan your trip strategically

To justify your investment, it’s important to make the most of your employees’ business trips. That means optimize agendas on travel days so your team can carry out all essential tasks in the least amount of time possible, saving your company unnecessary additional costs. Don’t forget to also make all your bookings in advance so you can secure the best fares.

3. Be flexible

Nowadays, there is no shortage of choices to reduce your budget and maximize your value-for-money on corporate travel. The sharing economy, which includes ride sharing companies and accommodation booking platforms like AirBnB, can become interesting cost reduction options for your company. We always recommend that you do some research beforehand to compare prices, but the main thing is to keep your options open and be flexible with your choices.

4. Work with a corporate travel agency

If your team travels frequently, your company may benefit from hiring a specialized agency. At RoomsCo, we can offer our clients exclusive discounts on more than 600,000 hotels on our innovative booking platform. Additionally, you can count on our support 24/7 from the moment of booking your accommodation right up to the final check-out so your trips go according to plan.

Are you looking for more ways to increase your value-for-money on corporate travel? RoomsCo can help your company book accommodation with an innovative platform and exclusive discounts. Contact us for a free quote..

— Written by Inês Pinto