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RoomsCo was founded in Porto, Portugal in 2013, by John Lambe and Daniela Espinheira, both with extensive experience in hotel and travel distribution.

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Traveling is an important component of modern business. In the 21st century, new tech innovations allow for businesses to operate on a global scale more easily, but many companies still rely on face-to-face meetings for networking and liaising with clients.

RoomsCo combines its wealth of experience with an extensive list of partner hotels and excellent customer service to save your company money and create a seamless accommodation procurement process.

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RoomsCo Travel Management.

Business managers often find it challenging to prioritize controlling corporate travel costs because:

Why companies often turn to RoomsCo.

RoomsCo helps you take control of your corporate travel booking process and better manage your travel expenses with an easy-to-use platform, enhanced reporting features, and excellent customer service to help you every step of the way.


Globally, corporate travel is on the rise, and for many companies a mobile workforce is still a major investment. RoomsCo focuses on creating cost-saving opportunities alongside improved reporting to provide better efficiency for your team. Additionally, it is our top priority to ensure your employees travel safely and that all relevant hotel policies are complied with.

Employee Satisfaction

Having a dedicated corporate travel manager can help increase your employee satisfaction. Travel arrangements can often take hours to organize and streamline – but our corporate travel managers are here to handle the entire accommodation procurement process from beginning to end. They become the go-to people to ensure that everything runs smoothly, leaving your team with more time to focus on your core business.


Corporate travel policies are for businesses to monitor the costs of sending employees on work trips and to ensure a productive and safe travel experience for employees. We can help you design an efficient travel policy with information on what hotels employees should use, how they should book their accommodation, what costs are covered on a company card, and how reimbursements work.


We have all heard horror stories of leisure holiday disasters, and unfortunately, without careful planning the same thing can happen with business trips. RoomsCo helps your employees stay safe while travelling by doing extensive research, ensuring all accommodation arrangements are secure, and remaining available 24/7 to organize alternative travel arrangements when needed.

Time Management

Searching for accommodation can take a considerable amount of time. And when corporate travel isn’t managed, employees book on their own using personal payment details. For a company with a very mobile workforce, the workload and costs of improvised travel booking can soon become overwhelming. A dedicated corporate travel manager helps you by creating a streamlined and centralized process that saves you time and money when booking corporate travel arrangements.


We help you stay on budget by finding the best hotel, apartment, or house for your employees at the best prices on the market. Our extensive list of partner hotels ensures that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for and still save money with our exclusive discounts.

Client Reviews

You'll be in good company.

Since the very beginning, RoomsCo has shown its professionalism, friendliness, and availability. They always responded to our requests promptly, even the most difficult ones. RoomsCo caresabout getting to know their client well and, over time, becoming aware of what the client wants in terms of prices, preferred accommodation types, and other aspects related to these services. RoomsCo is a trustworthy company and, in my very honest opinion of more than 20 years in this industry, RoomsCo was the one that reached the highest level of satisfaction.


Since our partnership with RoomsCo began, we’ve been met with a high-quality company that has helped reassure us when booking homes, increasing the amount of offers and reducing costs for our company. RoomsCo stands out for their promptness and 24/7 availability to helpwith any of our requests. In this respect, we would like to personally thank Paulo Antunes for his excellent work and availability. It is due to this quality work that Bysat counts on RoomsCo.



Ambidata has used RoomsCo’s services since 2014 and we intend to continue doing so. RoomsCo and all their know-how have been, and will surely continue to be, a valuable business collaboration and partnership. By delegating our employees’ travel and accommodation booking processes to RoomsCo, we have saved a great amount of time.


The M. A. Silva group has counted on its partnership with RoomsCo Portugal almost since day one. Their integrity, care, dedication and promptness to respond to our requests are some of the values stand out to us. This partnership built on trust has helped us manage our bookings and serve our clients. Keep up the good work!

Grupo M.A. Silva Cortiças


Over the last years, Impetus and RoomsCo have established a very positive partnership that has allowed Impetus to optimize our bookings. The RoomsCo team has proven to be incredibly available and efficient. This is undoubtedly a partnership we want to maintain.


A partner who helps us find the best hotel booking solution hassle-free and who takes away all the stress of booking, paying for and organizing business trips.

Instituto Kaizen


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Daniela Espinheira PhotographyFounder and CEO

Daniela Espinheira

Carla Costa PhotographyOffice Manager

Carla Costa

Raquel Barros PhotographyAdmin & Finance Assistance

Raquel Barros

Sara Ferreira PhotographyAccount Manager

Sara Ferreira

Sofia Mateus PhotographyAccount Manager

Sofia Mateus

Carlos Gomes PhotographyProject Manager

Carlos Gomes

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