According to a study by the U.S. Travel Association, companies earn $12.50 (about €10.50) for every dollar they invest in travel. There is no doubt that business travel is essential for companies to grow, form new partnerships and maintain key professional relationships.

At RoomsCo, we recognise the importance of investing in this trips, but we also know that, like any other business investment, you need to plan it well in order to get your return on it. Unfortunately, 50% of employees don’t use the travel booking solutions provided by their companies. This makes it more difficult for companies to keep track of expenses and can even lead to overspending.

Why contract a specialized agency to manage your corporate travel

Specialized agencies like RoomsCo offer fundamental support to companies with highly mobile teams, helping them streamline processes and maximize their return on investment in travel. In this blog post, we give you a list of the main benefits for your company when you hire a specialized agency to manage your travel booking.

1. Save time

When you hire an agency like RoomsCo, you can centralize your entire accommodation booking process in one entity. RoomsCo handles the entire booking process from the price negotiation to the final billing, removing all this responsibility from your team who become more available to focus on your core business.

2. Save money

At RoomsCo, we can establish a privileged relationship with more than 10 hotel wholesalers all over the world which allows us to offer exclusive discounts to our clients in more than 600,000 hotels. On our innovative accommodation booking platform, we can guarantee you the best hotel at the best price on the market.

3. 24/7 service

Traveling involves taking on many risks – and corporate travel is no exception to the rule. A specialized agency can offer you all the support you need 24/7. Whether you are just starting your booking process or you’re currently en route, an agency like RoomsCo is always available to help you resolve any issues that may arise so your trip goes according to plan.

4. Simplify your billing process

When you work with RoomsCo, our agency becomes the only point of contact between your company and all other stakeholders in the accommodation booking process. That means we will send you a single final bill with the total amount for your trip so that your billing process becomes simpler and easier to manage.

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— Written by Inês Pinto