Do you have a company and usually send workers on projects that involve a long-term stay? The search for this type of accommodation that can last from weeks to months, demands a lot of time and energy from companies.

For the company to focus on its core business, we suggest that you contact RoomsCo, which specializes in booking accommodation for corporate travel. Due to our experience in this area, we can help to achieve significant savings. We will provide a team fully dedicated to finding the best option for this long-term stay. We will use the necessary search and negotiation methods for this type of accommodation.

Find out about some of the reasons to move forward with RoomsCo:

1. The most competitive prices

RoomsCo will negotiate the best price for the accommodation, whether apartment or house. We work with a wide network of hosts and providers of houses and apartments.

Besides searching in the most common channels (Airbnb, Vrbo and others) we have our own contact network that we have been developing since the company started providing this service.

The rates sent to customers always go through our benchmark department. This step allows us to guarantee the smallest price policy.

2. Avoid wasting internal time

The search for this type of accommodation is usually time-consuming and very thorough.

It is necessary to check several details about the accommodation to meet the company’s requirements. For example, it is necessary to confirm whether the kitchen is equipped with the minimum required by the company, whether the rooms have enough beds to accommodate the team, among other issues.

Probably, you will ask an employee to carry out the search and reservation of the accommodation. The problem is, you’re wasting time and money. A person with a lack of experience in the area will take a long time to find the perfect accommodation.

3. Experience in accommodation reservations

RoomsCo has been booking long-term accommodation for companies in different industries for years. All the accumulated experience allows us to be effective when choosing for each client. In addition, we have also created a database in several countries with the best options for this type of accommodation. The direct relationship we have with the owners and the experience, allows us to be faster in search.

We will find the accommodations with the most competitive prices and the best conditions for all employees.

4. Diversified RoomsCo team with knowledge of different languages

Excellent communication is essential to take care of all the important details when booking accommodation. RoomsCo’s team have people who speak the most different languages. This allows to speed up the contact and negotiation process with the owners of the different accommodation units (houses and apartments). Often these owners/hosts only speak their own country’s language.

We will take care of all the details, from the moment of booking to check-out, so that no information is lost, ensuring the quality of the service provided. We also track the entire stay and help to address any issues that may arise during this period.

5. Excellent cost-benefit when booking accommodation

For this type of accommodation, RoomsCo charges a fee that, diluted throughout the process, continues to be beneficial for all customers. You will have a person who will be available for you and will take care of the most painful part. Then we will find the perfect accommodation at the best price.

6. Organized invoicing process for your company

RoomsCo is the intermediary for booking this type of accommodation. So we will deal with everything. The client will only deal with us. We will be your only supplier. The invoice is issued by us, saving the company time. You can arrange with RoomsCo the reservation of several accommodations at the same time. You will avoid the entire process of calling each of the hosts to issue you an invoice following Portuguese law.

As you’ve seen, booking this type of long-term accommodation with RoomsCo is the best decision you can make.

The benefits are tremendous, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your staff will have quality accommodation when abroad.

At RoomsCo, we have a fully professional team that is available to manage your long-term stays. We will help you with every step of the process, from the initial research to the final checkout. Contact us and receive your free quote.

— Written by Daniela Espinheira