Teleworking is here to stay. There is an increasing number of companies allowing this work arrangement. In some of them, workers can choose to work from home a few days a week. Others provide total flexibility when choosing; there are even some companies that are now offering just remote working positions.

Although everyone agrees on the benefits of teleworking, it is well known that there are several management challenges. It is much easier to manage and organize a team when everyone is in the same place and can communicate perfectly.

Learn more about some challenges that are faced when it comes to teleworking management:

1. Increased difficulty in controlling tasks and time

It is more difficult to keep track of the tasks being performed, as well as the time spent on each one. To overcome this difficulty, it is important to schedule daily meetings to guide and prioritize the to-do list. Doing this daily follow-up will be productive for the company and also for the worker. Trust is essential as well. Avoid micromanagement as excessive control may demotivate.

2. Increased difficulty in coordinating schedules with team members in different countries

Working with people who are in countries with a considerable time zone difference from Portugal can be a big challenge. It will force you to make schedule adjustments for some meetings. Worker or manager may need to have some meetings either too early or too late.

3. It is always easier to solve some problems face-to-face

When there is a problem to solve, being online always makes communication more difficult. It all gets worse when you have to bring the whole team together. If everyone were in the same room, it would be much simpler to immediately address any difficulties.

Fortunately, there have also been several online programs that help overcome some barriers. Such programs help you brainstorm online, take notes, share project schedules, and so on.

4. Technology is not always our best friend

We are increasingly dependent on technology to work. And it becomes even more important when we work remotely. Having a great internet connection is essential for holding an online meeting and performing all your daily tasks. Too many interruptions during a conversation attempt affects productivity. Or if it is necessary to get a response from someone on the team who is offline, the situation is always awkward. Many companies choose to give the worker a mobile internet connection, so they can ensure it is always up and running.

5. Creating and developing team spirit will be more difficult

No matter how advanced the technology is, creating a good team spirit and unity in an online team is much more difficult. The face-to-face work helps to create bonds between people who get to talk daily and even have some meals together. All interactions are always very beneficial to create a healthy company culture, full of good relationships among everyone. Online also allows you to create that culture, but it always tends to be a slower process.

Regardless, whether or not you allow teleworking in your company, it is important to know all the underlying management challenges. Developing good practices is crucial to increase the company’s productivity and always ensure the best working conditions.

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira