London is one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. With immense tourist activities and a geographical area of ​​1569 km², it’s easy to see why it has 6 airports.

The city is known for the variety and efficiency of its transport network. If you plan a business trip to London, find out how to get from the airport to your hotel.

The best public transport to each London airport

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It is the largest airport in Europe and one of the busiest. It is located 25 km from central London. The Heathrow Express train is the fastest option. You will arrive at Paddington station in 15 minutes and spend £25 on the ticket.

A cheaper but slower option is the Heathrow Connect line. It makes five stops before reaching Paddington and costs £10. In both cases, you can buy a ticket online.

You can also take the tube to central London by the Piccadilly Line. You’ll have connections with stations like West End, King’s Cross and South Kensington. The one-way ticket is around £4 and you can buy it at the station.

You can also travel on a National Express bus. There is a connection that links the airport with the bus station Victoria Coach. The trip takes 90 minutes and prices vary between 6 and 10£. You can buy it online in advance.


Gatwick is the second largest airport. It is 45 km south of the center of London.

The quickest way to get to the center is via the Gatwick Express. This train connects the airport’s south terminal to Victoria station in 30 minutes. The one-way ticket starts at £17.90 and can be purchased online.

There are cheaper train lines that sell tickets online, such as Southern, which ends at Victoria station, and Thameslink, which passes through stations like Black Friars, City Thameslink, London Bridge and St. Pancras.

In Gatwick, it is also possible to take a National Express bus to Victoria Coach bus station.


Stansted Airport is approximately 55 km northwest of central London.

The fastest connection to the city is the Stansted Express. This train connects directly from the airport to the Liverpool Street station. The trip takes 45 minutes, and the ticket can cost £18.10. You can buy it online.

It is also possible to choose the Greater Anglia line, which connects the airport to Stratford. But your journey will take more than an hour.

In Stansted, it is also possible to take a National Express bus to reach central London. Lines A6 and A7 end at Victoria Coach station, line A8 ends at King’s Cross and A9 at Whitechapel.
The trip takes more than 1h30 due to traffic, but it is the cheapest choice. The ticket price is around £12.


It is in the city of Luton, about 55 km north of central London.

The train is the fastest option to get to London. But, there are no stations at the airport. You will need to travel to Luton Airport Parkway using a 10-minute shuttle bus.

You will find trains from Thameslink and East Midlands that arrive at St. Pancras station in 30 minutes.

The price of the ticket combined with the shuttle bus is around £18. You can buy the shuttle bus ticket with cash or with a contactless card.

If you want a cheaper option, you can take a National Express bus or the Green Line to reach central London in 1 hour. The price varies between 7 and 12£.

London City

Located 11 km from the center of London, it is the most central airport in London.

It has a DLR train station (Docklands Light Railway), where you can find a connection with the London Underground. A journey from London City to Bank station takes about 20 minutes.

The price does not exceed £3.30 with the Oyster transport pass. You can buy it at the station or receive it by mail at your home in advance after purchasing it online.


At 58 km from central London, Southend is the smallest airport with the least access.

The best connection is by train, on the Greater Anglia line, which connects Southend to Liverpool Street station.

The trip takes 1 hour. You can buy the ticket online for £17.

Taxi, Uber or Private Transfer

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If you need private transport, London has a complete system of taxis and ubers. It is the easiest and best solution for traveling around.

For airports like Southend, where transportation options are limited, or even for Gatwick and Heathrow, which are quite busy, calling a taxi or an uber is always an option to consider.
Prices vary between £30, for stations closest to central London (London City), and £100 (Southend, Gatwick, Luton).

You can also call a private transfer. There are several companies that guarantee this service, such as Express Airport Transport. It covers all airports. Its price will always vary depending on the number of people and the travel distance. You can buy the service online in advance.

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira