If you travel frequently for business or leisure, you already know that a lot of free time awaits you.

There are still some people who feel a certain anxiety when it’s time to catch a flight. There are always more difficult moments, such as turbulence during the journey or long waiting times.

Discover some strategies you can adopt to have a more peaceful trip:

1. Create a list of different activities

Depending on the length of the trip, prepare a range of activities. Choose a book, a magazine or a newspaper. Also, download some movies or documentaries beforehand. You can also have a few episodes of your favourite podcasts downloaded.

Finally, you can create a playlist on Spotify with your favourite songs. Or choose music that relaxes you, be it jazz, rock, or heavy metal.

You can also take the time to finally organize your phone, check your photos or your notes.

This way, you’ll hardly get bored and you’ll always be entertained.

2. Prepare a travel list and save it on your phone

Always keep a list of everything you need to take on your trip. Check it as you pack. And whenever you forget something, immediately update the list so you don’t miss it on your next trip. You can even create themed lists according to the destination, like a list of destinations with snow.

This list will reduce your anxiety whenever you have a short time to pack.

3. Have a universal power adapter

If you travel regularly, it is important that you have a universal plug adapter. These adapters allow you to fit different plugs according to the sockets you come across. There are adaptors that can be used in over 150 countries.

Put this on your travel list and be always prepared.

4. Choose the seats on the airplane that meet your needs

The seats on airplanes aren’t all the same. If you wear more than a size 42, don’t choose the aisle seats because of the flight attendants’ trolleys.

If you want to have a meal, the first seats are always the most suitable.

Some products often sell out when the flight attendants arrive in the middle or at the end of the airplane.

If you need to leave quickly, you should always choose for the first or last seats, which are near the exit doors.

5. Material and valuable objects should go in a backpack

Many times, the bag that you thought could go next to you ends up in the hold. These situations happen when there is no more space inside the airplane. You should put all your valuables in the backpack or suitcase that accompanies you.

Remember that at the moment of confusion, you won’t have time to remove what is valuable.

6. Be aware that your bag may be searched in detail

You don’t need to worry. Airports carry out deeper inspections of bags from time to time.

If it happens to you, keep calm. It’s a perfectly normal situation in any airport.

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira