If you are an entrepreneur and run a business, your day should be busy. And if you like to travel, have you thought about adding this pleasure to your business? This kind of travel can help you grow and also provide good leisure moments.

This is what happened to entrepreneur Lynn Power, who has several businesses related to sustainability. Lynn started by investing part of the profit in different solidarity causes related to her brands. To develop this solidarity component, she incorporated several strategic and meaningful business trips.

In entrepreneur.com, she advises other entrepreneurs to discover causes related to the brand’s values. It’s a way of giving back to the environment and also fighting for a fairer and more equal world. The causes don’t need to be directly related to the products or services sold. You might even travel to develop a strategic partnership.

Let’s get to know how you can incorporate meaning travel into your business:

1. Define causes related to the mission and values of the business

Once you have your brand’s core values, look for some causes you can support. “Cause Marketing” helps to strengthen the brand, build customer loyalty and contribute to a fairer and more equal world. You always need to be real in your project and have a meaning that helps to connect the company with its audience. If you just go after marketing, the public will eventually notice.

2. Book strategic business trips

You can schedule a business trip to the country where your product comes from or even think about an interesting partnership. These trips help in the growth of your business when linked to the brand’s DNA. You can use the trip to do some marketing, networking, and support your causes. The work developed with a mission will eventually be recognized.

3. Develop solidarity actions

Whether in local communities in your country or even abroad, always try to develop solidarity actions. If possible, take advantage of a percentage of the profits to supply some important causes. You should always do good and contribute to the improvement of all lives. Naturally, this attitude will also lead your audience to identify and value the brand more.

4. Take business trips and also enjoy leisure

As you have more control over your time, you can take advantage of these business trips to relax and also for some leisure. If you can bring a friend or even a family member, even better. Bleisure is a growing trend and features a business trip that is extended so you can enjoy some leisure time. This trip will ultimately bring benefits to your business and also to your personal life. It’s having the best of both worlds.

As you have just checked, you’ll be able to incorporate travel into your business in a strategic and well-planned way. It will reinforce your brand, support different causes and contribute to a better world.

Would you like to start incorporating travel into your business?

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira