If you regularly travel on business, it is essential that you have good planning. You don’t always have time to prepare for the trip as you would like… Sometimes, you have just arrived and will need to leave the next day for another trip.

You should always have some strategies in mind to have a successful business trip. Let’s get to know some tips:

1. Master and learn as much as possible about the language and culture

It’s always beneficial to know as much as you can about the language of the country you’re visiting. Without years of study and investment, you will hardly become bilingual. But knowing a few essential words and even phrases can make a difference in your business trip.

You’ll find several free language learning apps. Having the Google Translate app already installed will always be great.

Also, knowing the local culture will help in the most different situations. For example: imagine that you are going to meet someone. How should you greet that person? These details help to create empathy and a good impression.

2. Work with a native

Dealing and talking directly with someone from the country will always be a good learning moment. You’ll get to know the culture and also practice your language skills.

So always take advantage of every opportunity. For example, if you are going to meet a client, you can then invite him to lunch. Or if you are going to work in a coworking space, you can try to meet other people. If you pay attention, you’ll always find great moments to learn.

3. Know all the travel requirements

You should always be proactive, even if someone else at the company is handling your business travel. You should know your itinerary, the entry and exit requirements, the country electrical plug, among other issues.

These are essential details to ensure that everything goes well. In this way, you will never be caught unprepared, and you will always be able to focus on your work.

4. Take the business trip with protection and safety

You must be protected. More than solving problems, you should first prevent them. Having Travel Insurance is important for emergency medical expenses. You must research the security conditions of the country too. Will you work in a safe area or region? Travel with essentials to ensure your mobility and avoid major theft. Having cash in reserve is important if you lose your cards.

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These are some tips to have a successful business trip. Even with less time, you can follow these strategies and ensure that everything goes well. In this way, you will have all the conditions to focus on the work you have to do.

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira