In your corporate or personal travels, you must have already travelled far away. Traveling to countries with a time zone longer than 3 hours may cause the “jet lag” effect.

Also known as time zone shift syndrome, jet lag is a physiological reflex that causes changes in sleep patterns.

Usually, the effects of jet lag will increase as the time zone grows.

Why does jet lag happen?

To be able to adapt to the rhythms of the planet, our organism lives according to the circadian cycle. It’s a sequence of 24 hours. Sleep is essential for maintaining our balance and energy.

When you travel and face a large time zone, these cycles are disturbed. This can have consequences not only for sleep, but also on eating rhythms, hormonal balance and regulation of body temperature.

You will experience various symptoms, such as a permanent feeling of tiredness, reduced concentration, headaches, loss of appetite, among others.

How can you reduce the effects of jet lag while travelling for business?

If you travel regularly on business and feel the effects of jet lag, it’s time to start minimizing.

Discover some tips that can help:

1. Always prepare your body

If you have the chance, there’s nothing better than starting to prepare in advance.

Eat your meals earlier and go to bed earlier too. When you arrive at your destination, eat accordingly. For example, if it’s time for dinner, then have dinner. In this way, you will be resetting your biological clock.

2. If possible, arrive early

On business trips, it isn’t always possible to arrive a day or two earlier. But if you have the chance, it’s a good option. You will have some time to adjust and when it comes time to work, you will already be without the symptoms of jet lag.

3. Choose to arrive in the morning

You should always get as much light as possible when arriving at your destination. Many experts advise arriving in the morning. You will adapt to the light patterns and reduce all the jet lag´s effects.

Sunlight helps to recharge and restore your body.

4. Have a balanced diet

On the day of travel, avoid having heavy meals. Even after landing, choose always lighter meals.

You should have a balanced diet. Don’t eat energetic foods on the day of travel and avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol.

Water will be your best friend to stay hydrated.

5. If you feel tired, you should rest during the trip

The market is full of products that will help you to rest, such as earplugs or sleeping masks. You can rest and try to sleep whenever you feel like it. This will also help to reduce tiredness.

6. Stay calm and with a positive mind

This tip applies to everything. Being concerned about the effects of jet lag and constantly checking your watch won’t help. Don’t waste energy and try to remain calm and always optimistic. This attitude will help the body not to stress.

7. Hire RoomsCo to book your hotel

You should have a hotel with all your requirements and with the quality to ensure a good night’s sleep. RoomsCo can handle this entire process. You will save time and money.

As you have just read, it isn’t possible to end the effects of jet lag. It is the body’s own protection mechanism.

But it is possible to reduce. Nobody wants to start their workday completely tired and without any energy. Companies must also be aware of this problem and allow their employees time to adapt.

Do you usually travel on business?

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira