The newest member of our team, Ana Sofia Mateus is newly arrived at RoomsCo and is the youngest on our team. At 24 years old, Ana Sofia is one of our Account Managers and shows a great willingness to learn and grow in her work at the company.

She has already won us over with her kindness and humility and now it’s your turn to get to know her with the 40 questions and answers of our RoomsCo Confessional.

Ana Sofia Mateus Photography

1. What is your name?

Ana Sofia Mateus.

2. Where were you born?


3. Do you have siblings?

Yes, one.

4. Do you have any pets?

Yes, 4 cats.

5. Do you know how to cook?

I have my days.

6. What is your favorite color?


7. Do you prefer cold or warm weather?


8. What social media network do you use the most?


9. Do you have any tattoos?


10. What repulses you?


11. What makes you feel a chill to your stomach?


12. What movie left a mark on you?

“Lilo & Stich” because at 6 years old I realized we don’t live forever… unless you’re an alien.

13. What inspires you?


14. What is your favorite food?

Duck rice.

15. Which fictional character are you most like?

Luna Lovegood from “Harry Potter”.

16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Independent, with my own house.

17. What is one of your biggest dreams that you were able to achieve?

I haven’t achieved one yet.

18. What is an important personality trait in other people?


19. What do you most appreciate in your friends?


20. What do you like to do in your free time?


21. How do you wind down?

Watching TV shows.

22. What is your favorite book?

The “Harry Potter” series.

23. What is the soundtrack of your life?

The Lion King.

24. Where would you like to live?

A house in the countryside.

25. What superpower would you like to have?

To travel in time.

26. What adjective best defines you?


27. What noun best defines you?


28. What would you like to be better at?


29. What is your quirk?

I can’t sleep with any doors or drawers open.

30. What do you spend the most money on?


31. What really irritates you?

When my cats open all the drawers.

32. What’s the best thing about Portugal?

The food.

33. What sentence defines you?

I don’t get it…

34. In material terms, what can’t you live without?


35. What makes you unique?

Being human.

36. Who are you in the line for bread?

The person who only decides what she wants when it’s her turn in line.

37. What is the smartest thing human beings have achieved?


38. What is a forgivable flaw?

With work, any flaw can be forgiven.

39. What is an unforgivable flaw?

With work, any flaw can be forgiven.

40. Define RoomsCo in one word.


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— Questionnaire by Inês Pinto