If you travel frequently on business, it is important that you have a good trolley, but also that your backpack or suitcase — where you keep your personal belongings and your computer — has a strap for the trolley.

It is a small detail that will make a difference when you are traveling and carrying your luggage.

Learn more on why it is so important to invest in a backpack or suitcase with this strap.

What is a trolley strap?

This is a strap that comes with your backpack, laptop bag, or purse. With this strap, it will be possible to attach the bag to your trolley — at the top of it — and move more easily around the airport or wherever you go.

Normally, this strap is not removable. You can find models where it is adjustable or can even be used for handbags.

What are the advantages of investing in this trolley strap?

Especially if you travel a lot on business, you are very likely to take your laptop with you in a backpack, handbag, or purse.

With this strap you will get the following advantages:

  • Move faster and safer by pulling only the trolley.
  • Your backpack/personal bag will always be clean, on top of the trolley.
  • You will feel more weightless, without having to strain your back or shoulder. All luggage will be carried on the trolley wheels
  • You will travel with less weight, and more movement

It seems like a detail, but believe me, when traveling, you will feel a big difference in moving around with all your luggage. And there is no point in putting your backpack on top of the trolley without a strap, because it will always end up slipping off and will only get in your way even more.

Where to buy a backpack or suitcase with this trolley strap?

You can find models in the various stores dedicated to suitcases that already come with a trolley strap. Also if you search online, you will find several options in many stores available. Usually, when the product contains this item, brands end up highlighting it in their advertisement.

Once you start traveling with a backpack/suitcase with a trolley strap, you will see all the benefits. You will no longer be able to travel without it and will even take it with you on leisure trips.

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— Written by Daniela Espinheira