Available, confidant, and an excellent negotiator: this is RoomsCo’s Business Development Manager. Always ready to help with whatever is needed, Paulo Antunes is a crucial member of our team ensuring our clients’ and partners’ satisfaction.

In his free time, Paulo does CrossFit, plays the piano, and enjoys a good meal. Do you want to know what Paulo’s biggest ambition is and where he sees himself in 10 years? On the RoomsCo Confessional, Paulo told us this and many more of his secrets.

Paulo Antunes Photography

1. What is your name?

Paulo Antunes.

2. Where were you born?

Nampula, Mozambique.

3. Do you have siblings?

One sister.

4. Do you have any pets?

Yes, 2 cats.

5. Do you know how to cook?


6. What is your favorite color?


7. Do you prefer cold or warm weather?

Warm weather.

8. What social media network do you use the most?


9. Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, 8.

10. What repulses you?

Seeing animals being abused.

11. What makes you feel a chill to your stomach?

Feeling like I’m close to achieving a goal.

12. What movie left a mark on you?

“The Blind Side”.

13. What inspires you?

My ambition.

14. What is your favorite food?


15. Which movie character are you most like?

James Bond.

16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

As RoomsCo’s COO.

17. What is one of your biggest dreams that you were able to achieve?

Becoming a father.

18. What is an important personality trait in other people?

Keeping their word.

19. What do you most appreciate in your friends?

Being “there” when I need them.

20. What do you like to do in your free time?

Listen to music, do crossfit, watch movies and TV shows, eat…

21. How do you wind down?

Listening to/playing the piano.

22. What is your favorite book?

“Perfume” by Patrick Suskind.

23. What is the soundtrack of your life?


24. Where would you like to live?


25. What superpower would you like to have?

Not getting old.

26. What adjective best defines you?


27. What noun best defines you?


28. What would you like to be better at?

Being a father.

29. What is your quirk?

I think I cook well!

30. What do you spend the most money on?


31. What really irritates you?


32. What’s the best thing about Portugal?

The hospitality.

33. What sentence defines you?

Memento mori.

34. In material terms, what can’t you live without?


35. What makes you unique?

My intelligence.

36. Who are you in the line for bread?

That person looking to see if anyone needs to skip the line.

37. What is the smartest thing human beings have achieved?

Landing on the moon.

38. What is a forgivable flaw?

Being stubborn.

39. What is an unforgivable flaw?


40. Define RoomsCo in one word.


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— Questionnaire by Inês Pinto