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How does RoomsCo help your hotel?

RoomsCo helps you get more bookings while saving you money and providing new options for corporate contracts.

Get More Bookings

RoomsCo helps hotels increase their bookings through:

  • Providing a 24/7 channel for corporate customers to book their contracted rates
  • Reduce company booking leakage to non-contracted hotels
  • New channel to sell to local and international companies
  • Opportunities to distribute unsold rooms to late bookers

Save Money

By reducing manual processes, hotels can save money and reduce booking errors:

  • Automated booking for corporates of their contracted rates
  • Avoid leakage of corporate bookers to high commission online travel agency channels
  • Reduce manual errors and confusion over rate terms and inclusions

Improve Contracting

Hotels can improve their contracting and revenue management by:

  • Corporate contracts based on discounts from Best Available Rate (BAR), not fixed price
  • Make 'standard' corporate contracts available to small companies and infrequent bookers
  • Provide business friendly rates with included breakfast, wifi, late cancellation etc.
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